Update to safer charger


49,95 €

Shipping to the EU only. Prices in EUR.

Lead the charge


Do a good thing now and upgrade your chargers to the safe alternative.

  • Fast 2000mA charging current.

  • Zero power consumption when not connected to a phone or device.

  • ASMO automatic off-switch increases fire safety.

  • Long 1.5 meter cable.

Fast, safe & green


Suitable for devices with Micro-USB.

  • Input: Universal.

  • Output: 5V / 2A

  • Input: 100V – 230V

  • Certification: CE

  • Length of the cable: 1.5m

  • Designed in Finland

ASMO Charger is designed to prevent fires.

Did you know that leaving your phone charger in the wall is a fire risk?

Many chargers can overheat and even ignite, causing a fire. This was the cause of the fire that destroyed the home of Asmo Saloranta’s mother-in-law, which is why he created the ASMO Charger. It turns off automatically when not in use and consumes zero electricity, so you don’t have to unplug the charger when not in use.

ASMO charger is made of high-quality components.

Did you know that ASMO charger is currently the only mobile phone charger manufactured in Finland and it employs dozens of Finnish professionals?

ASMO Charger is designed, developed and manufactured in Finland. The components used in the manufacturing of the ASMO Charger are high-quality and thoroughly tested. The charging cable is thicker and more robust than average, and the connector fits tight to the phone. The warranty for ASMO Charger is two years.

ASMO Charger is convenient, fast, and easy to use.

Have you ever been annoyed by your charger cable being just too short?

ASMO Charger’s sturdy 1.5-metre cable gives a nice extra length so you can use the phone while charging. Charging speed also matters, especially if you have a short time to charge before going out. Small details, as our customers tell us, make the difference.

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