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Asmo Charger

ASMO Charger is more fire safe, premium charger designed in Finland. ASMO Charger is not using any electricity on standby. This unique feature makes ASMO Charger more fire safe than regular chargers are.


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The ASMO Charger x1

Asmo Charger (micro-USB)


Shipping to the EU only. Prices in EUR.

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  • Fast 2000mA charging current.
  • Zero power consumption when not connected to a phone or device.
  • ASMO automatic off-switch increases fire safety.
  • Long 1.5 meter cable.

Fast, safe & green

Technical Specs

Suitable for devices with Micro-USB.

  • Input: Universal.
  • Output: 5V / 2A
  • Input: 100V – 230V
  • Certification: CE
  • Length of the cable: 1.5m
  • Designed in Finland

What makes it special

Key Features


The ASMO Charger is not using any electricity on standby. Our technology automatically switches the charger off when the phone is unplugged.


The ASMO Charger outputs 2 Amps, which is the fast end of the recommended charging current for most mobile manufacturers. The 1.5 metre cable means you can comfortably use your phone while charging.


The automatic off-switch means automatic reduction in wasted energy. We design the ASMO Charger in Finland and keep high ethical standards throughout the manufacturing process.

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